Visit the RSD&M Showroom For Inspiration

Visit the RSD&M Showroom For Inspiration

Thinking about updating your bathroom or adding a custom closet but not sure where to start? Then make an appointment to visit our showroom at 2142 Tomlynn Street in Richmond. Our designers can guide you through the showroom where you can view custom and frameless showers, bathrooms, custom glass, garage and closet organizers. We can help you decide which design elements will work best for your … [Read more...]

Create More With Custom Mirrors

Replacing a standard bathroom mirror with an upgraded or custom version is an easy way to add elegance and character to the room. For a truly custom look, think beyond the bathroom and incorporate mirrors in other spots throughout your home.  Decorators use mirrors and custom glass to accent a home's beauty, create a dramatic effect, reflect light or make a small space feel larger. Don't be … [Read more...]

Using Glass Doors For Wine Storage

You already know custom glass shower doors can be used to create beautiful shower enclosures and make any bathroom feel luxurious.  But glass doors aren't just for the bathroom. They can be used to create stunning storage for collectors items or wine storage. Glass allows the beauty of your collection to shine through while adding a modern touch to your home. Richmond Shower Doors and … [Read more...]

Unique Shower Enclosures

When planning a bathroom remodel many people are amazed at the countless ways to incorporate frameless shower enclosures and how they can be customized to reflect the homeowner’s needs and personal style. If you are looking for innovative ideas to plan your bathroom remodel, these photos from Better Homes & Gardens will surely provide some inspiration. This bath was designed with frameless … [Read more...]

Updating Your Bathroom In One Afternoon

If you’re looking for easy ways to give your bathroom a facelift but you’re tight on time and money, consider replacing your hardware, starting with your faucets and shower heads. Faucets from brands like Delta and Moen come in a variety of styles, finishes and colors and can easily be replaced in one afternoon. Adding a contemporary faucet or shower head in a modern finish is one of the … [Read more...]

Unique Tiles Dominate Bathroom Design Trends

Here at Richmond Shower Doors & More, we specialize in using custom mirrors and shower enclosures that add stylish statements in your bathroom. There are some other shower and design trends, however, that are especially appealing to those seeking a modern, trendy look. Heat-Activated Tiles Whether using heat-activated tiles in your shower or as an accent on your floor or countertop, this new … [Read more...]

We’ve Moved to a New Location

You can find Richmond Shower Doors & More at a new location! We recently moved our office to 2142 Tomlynn Street, Richmond, VA 23230. We’re looking forward to seeing our existing and future customers there as we work on settling in. You’ll be able to see examples of the work we do, finishes we offer on shower enclosures, closet organization samples, and options for your custom glass and mirrors. … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Our Brands: Alumax

Just one of the many reasons we love working to realize our customers’ visions of their dream bathrooms, closets, and garages, is that we get to work with some of the most trusted names in the business. Alumax is just one of those names, but the brand is a big part of what we do here at Richmond Shower Doors & More. Alumax has been a leading shower door manufacturer for more than sixty years. … [Read more...]

Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Many people equate elegant shower doors with large, luxurious bathrooms. While that association certainly isn’t wrong, you should know that with the right touch and the right products, you can achieve the same level of sophistication in small bathrooms. Frameless shower enclosures will make any bathroom feel larger by opening up space and allowing more natural light to permeate the room. … [Read more...]

See Our Work in Richmond’s Parade of Homes

From the fan to Chesterfield to Hanover, Richmond is home to some, well, beautiful homes, and there’s no better time to view them than during the annual Parade of Homes. This weekend marks your last chance to view them, so go ahead and mark your calendars and finalize your plans to get a peek inside some of the grandest and most beautiful houses in our area. For Richmond Shower Doors & More, … [Read more...]