Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Many people equate elegant shower doors with large, luxurious bathrooms. While that association certainly isn’t wrong, you should know that with the right touch and the right products, you can achieve the same level of sophistication in small bathrooms.

Frameless shower enclosures will make any bathroom feel larger by opening up space and allowing more natural light to permeate the room. Replacing your current shower door or curtain with a frameless enclosure is also a one-step way to add elegance to your bathroom. Using lighter paint colors will also make the room feel bigger.

Choosing the right bathroom accessories can also make a small bathroom feel like a well-designed, luxurious escape. From towel bars to shower curtain rods, matching finishes will give your bathroom a completed look. Richmond Shower Doors & More offers bath accessories in a variety of finishes from trusted brands including Delta and Moen. The right accessories can also help keep the bathroom organized and clutter-free.

In addition to frameless shower doors, mirrors will also give small bathrooms a feeling of openness and will enhance the lighting that is already in place. With Wallace’s help, you can choose from Mirrorscapes, which is a mirror upgrade rather than a replacement, or you can work with him to choose a custom or antique style mirror to reflect your own sense of design.

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